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Helping Veterans Begins With You

United Veterans of America is a Chicago-based non-profit organization focused on creating a safe place that uplifts and honors veterans.

We are building a supportive environment that is designed to improve the lives as well as the mental, emotional, and financial well-being of veterans who have served this country. Our support goes to all veterans and their spouses regardless of their age, sexual identity, religion, or combat experience.

Veteran Memorial Service
US Army Soldier in Universal Camouflage Uniform

If You Are a Veteran or Spouse of a Veteran, We Are Here to Support You

There are millions of American vets and family members who need assistance, whether that help is finding a home, dealing with loss, getting a job, or seeking a smooth reintegration into society after time in the service. United Veterans of America has the resources and connections that are needed to provide veterans and their families with powerful, immediate assistance.

We Stand Ready to Serve, Too

We seek to support veterans and their families by providing critical real-life resources such as job placement, career development, VA benefits assistance, social activities, reintegration skills training, outreach for homeless veterans, and other activities. These not only help veterans and their families but also create stronger, healthier, more resilient communities.

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How Can We Help You?

  • Jobs and skills training: Free training to help veterans get the skills for today’s modern work environment

  • Mental health resources: Connecting the veteran to vital services when they are facing challenges that impact their life

  • Veterans Affairs benefit assistance: Empowering veterans to get the benefits they need and deserve

  • Homeless assistance: Services to help veterans who are experiencing homeless or at risk of becoming homeless

Our Values - What We Stand For

  • Commitment: Our focus is on improving the lives and living conditions of American veterans

  • Honesty: We pledge full transparency and respect in all everything that we do and speak

  • Courage: We choose to do the best for those who need it the most, no matter the circumstances

  • Diversity: We are dedicated to creating a safe, supportive space for veterans of all backgrounds

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Contact Us Today to Get Started!

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